PhotoImpact X3

PhotoImpact X3 13.0

PhotoImpact X3 is a complete photo editing tool to create thousands of different projects with any picture you want. This software program offers more than 200 templates that you can choose from.

You can turn a simple picture into a calendar, comic strip, greeting card, DVD cover or anything you have in mind. PhotoImpact X3 also offers a complete set of tools for photo editing so you can retouch, crop, cut, enlarge, merge or paint over any image.

With this program, you will be able to create professional looking images, enhance the beauty found on a picture and hide what you don’t want to see.

You can also choose to place several pictures together to create a collage. PhotoImpact X3 is a friendly interfaced program that both amateurs and experienced users should consider when looking for a versatile photo editing tool.

PhotoImpact X3


PhotoImpact X3 13.0

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  • Jorge LS Pereira

    por Jorge LS Pereira

    "Tudo que se deseje fazer numa imagem, pode ser feito nele!"

    Tenho usado esse programa profissio namente há varios anos mesmo antes da Corel adquirir seus direitos. É programa versá... Mais.

    escrito em 4 de outubro de 2014